Room Sharing

If you’re interested in sharing a hotel room at the Haiku North America, please indicate your willingness here. A number of hotel rooms in our accommodations have two single beds or other combinations, so sharing a room is a good way to cut the cost of accommodations in half.


3 responses to “Room Sharing

  1. I’m a non-smoker, non-drinker, who likes their regular sleep. I write a bit of haiku. I’m an Aussie. Um…what else should you know about me? Married, two grown children, 4 cats, one silly puppy. I sometimes giggle in my sleep.

  2. I’m interested in sharing a room—maybe with someone I already know. I’ll e-mail a few friends to see whether they’re available, but am also open to suggestion if they aren’t.

  3. Ernesto V. Epistola

    I am a retired music educator aspiring to be haiku poet. And I am in the Haiku Registry. I am looking for a roommate who might be able to share a room in the Inn at QA. They can only reserve for me the first two days, so I really need a roommate with a room.

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