Want to share a room at HNA?

I’ve created a new menu/page on the Haiku North America blog devoted to room sharing (do not post responses here—click the Room Sharing tab at the top of this blog). A number of rooms in the HNA conference hotels have two single beds or other combinations, so sharing a room is a good way to cut the cost of your accommodations in half. Click the Room Sharing tab/menu option and then leave a comment there to indicate your willingness to share a room. I’ll leave it up to you to sort out the details. And when we announce the hotel details (and discount code), you can indicate who you’ll share your room with (only if already agreed upon with your roommate) when you book your room.



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6 responses to “Want to share a room at HNA?

  1. I’m interested in sharing a room.

    • michaeldylanwelch

      Penny, don’t leave your comment here for this. Go to the Room Sharing tab (as explained above), and enter your comment there instead. Thanks.

  2. Michael, when I go to the blog and click on “want to share a room” I get this page. I can’t find what you’re talking about.

  3. michaeldylanwelch

    Penny, click Room Sharing at the top of this page, above the photo.

  4. I am interested in sharing a room but not absolutely sure if I will be attending. I’l still finding my way through the process to determine the prices involved. Please keep me updated. Thanks! Seretta

    • michaeldylanwelch

      Seretta, please post your message on the Room Sharing tab (see the top of this page), not here. Also, we haven’t posted registration information yet, but expect the conference registration fee to be about $200 (including a banquet and the anthology). Hotels are $85 or $145 per night (a block or two away), plus tax. Let me know if you have any questions (WelchM@aol.com).


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