HNA Hotel Photos

Each suite in the Marqueen includes an air-conditioned bedroom, sitting room, full bathroom, full kitchen, and eating nook.Now uploaded are albums of photos showing the interiors and exteriors of the two main hotels that have been reserved for the Haiku North America conference, coming up August 3-7, 2011. We will provide booking details (and the discount code) on the Haiku North America website very soon. We hope conference attendees will be very comfortable at either of these two hotels. Suites at the MarQueen include a sitting room and full kitchen, and are $145 per night (includes breakfast), and the Inn at Queen Anne is about $85 per night (also includes a kitchenette, but not breakfast). Please visit the following links to see pictures of each hotel, and watch for more news soon about making your bookings at either hotel (we have rooms reserved for us in each hotel, so there’s no hurry to book just yet). Let us know if you have any questions!

MarQueen Hotel (a little more expensive, but nicer, about a block or so from our meeting facility)

The Inn at Queen Anne (cheaper, but still comfortable, across the street from our meeting facility)

We look forward to seeing you at Haiku North America in Seattle!



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2 responses to “HNA Hotel Photos

  1. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    I’ve just been asked if poets could share rooms? Any ideas on this?

    • michaeldylanwelch

      Yes, it’s possible for poets to share rooms — a good way to save on the cost. The hotel has a number of rooms available with two single beds or other combinations. I’ll start a new tab on the Blog specifically devoted to that, if people want to indicate their willingness to share rooms. Michael

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