Welcome to the HNA blog

Welcome to the Haiku North America blog, where you’ll find information about the popular biennial HNA conference, including information about scheduled speakers, events and activities, hotel accommodations, and more.



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3 responses to “Welcome to the HNA blog

  1. Garry Gay

    HNA just keeps getting better and better. This will now be the 11th Haiku North America. This will be our second time to come to the Seattle area, we were last here in 2005 (in Port Townsend). This will mark 21 years of this ongoing conference. There is nothing in our community of this scale. If you love haiku books, be sure to bring a suitcase.

  2. Dennis (chibi) Holmes

    Wishing everyone good luck for the HNA in Seattle.
    It’s a fur-piece from Atlanta to Seattle, fates may allow this ol’boy to wonder up north aways. Only been to Seattle once in a “oh it never snows in Seattle” blizzard, back in, 1980 somehting. Got in ok… get’n out was another story.

    Mount Ranier —
    the SUV’s thump knocks
    snow from the lines

    I’m relatively sure it never snows in Seattle in August hee hee.

  3. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    Hi, Gary, I’d give my eye teeth to come out there with a suitcase!

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